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4th-May-2014 10:26 pm - RPG Personality Tests
Alessandro XVIII

You sometimes feel that you are pushed along in life, and do not have control over your existence.
You need to take control of your life and load the dice.
What is your Persona Arcana?
(Haha I'm Keisuke, this is perfect... orz)
19th-Dec-2010 01:32 pm - Magic Quizzes
Thomas Doujin

Wizard Quiz
18th-Oct-2010 07:35 pm - Fanlistings : Characters > Other
Koh Hanatarou

[ ! ] FL: F A Q

- FL stands for Fanlisting.
Please visit thefanlistings.org for more information.
- All FL codes are listed in Alphabetical order.
- If a FL moves, I will change the link upon notice.
- If a FL dies, I will attempt to replace the URL with another FL of the same subject; whether the code was originally from there or not. If there are no other FLs for that subject, the dead link will remain.
- Feel free to use my custom codes.

FL Section: Characters > Other

: *Fictional characters from games/anime/manga/TV Shows and other media sources, which I like.

See related tags: All Characters | Attractive | Favorite | Other
Or see: All Fanlistings

+ I made 0 codes in this section.
+ So far there are 0 dead FLs in this section.
+ Last updated: Oct 03, 09
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18th-Oct-2010 06:29 pm - Cliques
Koh Hanatarou

[ ! ] Clique: F A Q

- All Clique codes are listed in Alphabetical order.
- If a Clique moves, I will change the link upon notice.
- If a Clique dies the dead link will remain.
- Do not steal my custom codes.

See related tags: All Fanlistings

+ I made 1 code in this section.
[To be: Ashton Anchors]
+ So far there are 1 dead Cliques in this section.
[To be]
+ Last updated: Oct 03, 09

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18th-Oct-2010 04:49 am - PT Quizzes
Koh Hanatarou
God I haven't used this in forever. I need a revamp...
Most likely gonna narrow the subjects of this journal.

Randomly taking Plastic Tree quizzes, thanks to a long line of random things I was doing when I found them. Yay. =w= It's 4AM...

Plastic Tree Band Member : Arimura Ryutarou

This quiz made me want ramen.. and yakisobaaa... D :

Plastic Tree Song: Reset

I effing love this song, I should listen to it again soon. *hasn't actually listened to anything but the Donna Donna album since a loong time* T~T Ryutarou has my favorite hair/look for him in this video. =D I think I tried to sing it once. Also reminds me of Alessandro XVIII from Trinity Blood when I up the pitch/speed.. lol
Which is awesome to imagine him screaming/singing like this.

Depressing Plastic Tree Song: Sink
You are Sink. Like the title suggests, you may have been through some very hard times. Maybe you've even contemplated suicide? Don't worry, things are looking up in your future.

Cheap quiz with no image! Thanks.. now I have to link to the description so it looks ugly. >: <

Plastic Tree PV: Tremolo

I love this PV... I think I love this quiz. <3 *runs off with the fluffy headed doggy man to the puppet show on a tricycle, yes i can run on a tricycle*
11th-Feb-2010 09:18 am - Get your drama on... wawawa~ TwT
Thomas Doujin
Another quiz, this one I found a little interesting. I took it about three times over. XD
The first time I got the Innocent Uke and upon reading it... *yawn*
Oh yay, it's all skittles and kittens and I get to bake cookies the rest of my life?
Then Clueless Uke, but after reading the profile I realize it's much like me when I was younger.
The Romantic Seme was similar to my style too, but let's face it... I'm never going to be anyone's Seme.

Brace yourself after reading the results, it's gonna be one hell of a drabble...

Read more...Collapse )
22nd-Nov-2009 03:11 am - Videogame Quizzes
Ashton Anchors

24th-Aug-2009 10:19 pm - To Watch List

Color KeyPink - Complete! (Watched all episodes.)
                    Red - Watching... (Watched some already, need to finish.)
                    Lilac - Known (Researched, interested.)
                    Blue - Unsure.. (Little to no research, vague interest.)
                    Default - Unknown? (No research, unconfirmed interest.)

Link Key:   ANN - Anime News Network.
                    WIKI - Wikipedia.
                    MAL - My Anime List.

Watch List
Star Ocean EX
Haibane Renmei
Fullmetal Alchemist
Metropolis (movie)
My Neighbor Totoro (movie)
Spirited Away (movie)
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu (left off... Ep 3)
Serial Experiments Lain (left off... Ep?)
Rozen Maiden (left of... Season 2 Ep?)
Candy Candy (left off... Ep?)
Bleach (left off... Season 3-4? Ep?)
Naruto (left off... Season ? Ep?)
Count and Fairy (left off... Ep?)
Fushigi Yuugi (left off... Ep?)
Rune Soldier (left off... Ep?)
Inuyasha (random Eps)
FLCL (random Eps)
Trinity Blood (random Eps)
Ranma 1/2 (random Eps)
Makai Senki Disgaea
Hayate the Combat Butler
Bleach the Sealed Sword Frenzy (movie)
Gegege no Kitarō
Gegege no Kitarō (2007 live action)
Cluster Edge
Pandora Hearts
(0/25 Eps / 24 Mins ea.)
(live action musical)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Patalliro Saiyuki!
Saint October
Tenshi na Konamaiki
Toward the Terra
Kyo Kara Maoh!
Capricorn (&ova)
Mon Colle Knights
Le Chevalier D'Eon

22nd-Aug-2009 11:22 pm - I'm a creep.
Koh Hanatarou

I relate to this song a lot, as I've lost any chance with love thanks to being a weirdo.
"Creep" by Radiohead.
Forget the video, just the lyrics will do. It looked like a crappy live anyway..
Plus he's not exactly clear with all he says.
I used to listen to this often, kinda brings me back.
Not that I'd want to be brought back to any time in the past... or the future, or present.
I wish I was special. You're so very special...Collapse )

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